The 3 Most Effective Diets that Helps to Lose Weight!

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To lose weight is essential to be mentalized and be aware that effective and healthy diets are not immediate, but take time. Miracle diets do not exist and can be very harmful to our health, in addition to causing the dreaded rebound effect in most cases. In this article we explain what the 3 most effective diets to lose weight are. These diets will help you lose those extra kilos, but always maintaining health, in a progressive, balanced and without suffering. Discover them!

The Most Effective Diets, those that Work

For a diet to be healthy and effective we have to forget about going hungry, making great sacrifices, obsesses over calories, abusing light foods, etc. We also have to give up getting great results in a few days. The most effective diets, those that work, are progressive and allow us to lose weight while we feel more vital, with fewer health problems and better mood. Even our body thins in a more proportionate way. The key to these diets is the way you eat. We offer you three diet options that will allow you to notice changes in a few days, but if you do them with patience and perseverance, they will help you achieve the ideal weight without suffering and lastingly.

1. A Diet with Less Carbohydrate

Many nutritionists recommend reducing carbohydrates in diets, as they provide energy that, if not burned, becomes fat deposits. In addition, today we consume too many carbohydrates that, to aggravate the situation, are refined and of poor quality. In this diet we are going to completely eliminate the white flours and the foods made with them (bread, doughs, biscuits, pasta, etc.). Nor should we eat products made with whole-grain flours, since they are usually made with white flour and added bran and, in the same way, also contribute to overweight. On the other hand, we can consume small amounts of whole grain:  rice, oats, quinoa, millet or amaranth. These small portions of whole grain will be consumed at breakfast and lunch, but never at dinner.

Allowed Foods:

In this diet, however, we will increase the consumption of protein and fat, although it may surprise us. We will choose always natural, unprocessed foods of good quality and easy digestion. In the case of protein, these are allowed foods:

  • White meat, if possible organic.
  • Fish
  • Lean cheese
  • Egg
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts (a handful a day) and seeds.

In the case of fats, you can take vegetable oils (olive, flax, coconut, wheat germ or sesame) and avocado.

2. The Diet of Care-the-Dinners

It is one of the most effective diets, consisting of eating in a balanced way during the day but pay special attention to dinner, since the last meal of the day is the main cause of overweight. During the day we will eat with moderation, without abusing any food and with small occasional whims. However, we must be rigorous with the following indications:

  • We will have dinner before 8 o’clock in the afternoon. If we are hungry later, we will have an infusion or an apple before going to bed.
  • The dinners will always consist of a vegetable first course (salad, vegetable, vegetable cream or gazpacho) and a light protein ration (egg, fish or lean meat) cooked on the grill or in the oven.
  • For dessert we can eat a baked apple or a pear.

If we are strict with this simple guideline we can observe how we gradually lose weight, because at night our body tends to eliminate toxins and balance, as long as it does not have to be directing the energies to digest dinner.

3. The Diet of the Rations

This diet is based on the idea that if we gain weight it is because we eat too much. We can even allow small quirks in a timely manner, as long as we try to eat moderate amounts. In these cases, the main struggle is for those who eat out of anxiety and compulsively. However, it is one of the most effective diets for those who can control the amount they consume. We can make 5 meals a day, but it is essential that we never fill up. We have to stay with the feeling that we could still eat something else, although we are already satisfied.

“One way to avoid this desire to eat more is to get used to a digestive infusion, it will give us a feeling of fullness”.

For this diet we will get used to putting food in one dish, always. The ration that we put on the plate will be what we eat, and we will not give ourselves the option to keep repeating. We have to understand food as a way to alleviate hunger. If we chew food well we will see that, in reality, our body does not need large quantities, but digest and assimilate them better.


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The 3 Most Effective Diets that Helps to Lose Weight!
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