30 Day 30K Challenge Review-SCAM EXPOSED! Read My Experience!!

Does Joey Altair’s 30 Day 30K Challenge Really Work? Is 30 Day 30K Challenge worth your Time and Money? Read my HONEST 30 Day 30K Challenge Review! Is It Legit or Scam?



30 Day 30K Challenge Review

This 30 Day 30K Challenge Review exposes every truth behind the 30 Day 30K Challenge scam. This program is certainly one of the more blatant scams that we’ve seen in a while. It’s based on the premise that investors (victims) will earn a minimum of $30k over the course of each and every month. Best of all, supposedly if the software fails to deliver the scammers behind this project will pay everyone a thousand bucks from their own pockets. Sounds pretty infallible, and even better the miraculous the 30 Day 30K Challenge App is supposedly totally free to use. 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge download

Of course, the actual reality is the complete opposite. Anyone blind enough to invest in the 30 Day 30K Challenge scam is quite simply going to lose every penny they gamble with this ludicrous scheme. As we shall demonstrate during this 30 Day 30K Challenge review, it’s run by proven scammers using well-known scam software and employing all the usual tricks of the trade to tempt people to invest. 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge scam reviews

Who is Joey Altair?

We discovered that the name Joey Altair does not exist. It is just a display of a stock photo given a fake name. So we do not know the actual creators of this software, which obviously are fraudsters. 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge software

In the video, we were promised a profit of $30,000 in 30 days and in a situation whereby the user does not get up to the stated amount, $1000 will be given to him or her as a compensation. Now the question is, How true is this claim true? The answer is NO. It is not possible to make such a huge amount within this space of time with a minimum deposit of $250 in binary options, and also the alleged compensation is not also true.

Fake testimonials of people claiming to have made huge amount from this software were also displayed. This is one of their trick to make people think it is actually legitimate. Those people are actually actors hired to feed you lies.

30 Day 30K Challenge Exposed A Proven Scam Software !

Joey Altair is the name associated with the picture of the person who claims to be be the creator of the 30 Day 30K Challenge app. But that is not true, the name Joey Altair does not exist and the picture you see is a stock photo stolen from internet website. see below a google page showing some webpages containing matching images like the one used as Joey Altar 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge Payment

Now Joey Altair showed us a bank account statement from Bank of America containing a balance of $700,482.84. He claims that in no time, you will make such amount of money. I wonder how a trader will be fooled to believe in this. Now when you take a good look at that bank statement, there is no name attached to it showing that it belongs to Joey Altair. Now Joey Altair showed us a bank account statement from Bank of America containing a balance of $700,482.84. He claims that in no time, you will make such amount of money. I wonder how a trader will be fooled to believe in this. Now when you take a good look at that bank statement, there is no name attached to it showing that it belongs to Joey Altair.

Disturbing things found! Fake Testimonials Exposed!!

One of the other golden indications that a trading side isn’t worth the pixels it’s printed on is the total use of fake reviews. Just try searching the profile pictures of supposedly satisfied clients of the 30 Day 30K Challenge. Every single one is just a photo ripped from the web of someone who has utterly no relation to this form of financial dealing! The scammers write their own recommendations and assume that visitors to their site will just swallow it as being true. Unfortunately, the reality is the absolute opposite.

You might have found many positive 30 Day 30K Challenge Reviews on the Internet. I will tell you the reason for that. A growing trend among scammers is utilizing fake review sites in order to promote their wares. These crooks are happy to employ the services of honestforexreviews.org, whom they pay in order to have a prominent listing with a top marks review. Never trust such a listing, or even worse a spam email originating from this site. Just because the 30 Day 30K Challenge website looks legit and above board certainly doesn’t mean that it actually is. 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge Legit

So how does 30K in 30 Days really work? It is very simple, after registering the software will push you to deposit at least $250 with an unregulated broker – VIP Brokers. This is because people who run the scam are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors. That’s all. 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge Scam

As you can see, this program is made to make money to scammers, so don’t deposit with it! 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge Proof

My Honest Conclusion

I highly do not recommend that you try this 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge.

I believe I’ve provided enough information to let you know that this system is not worth your time or money. The fake testimonials, the lies, the empty promises… there are too many red flags that expose 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge as the hoax it is. Nobody who has tried it has benefitted from it, the only ones who have made money are the scammers behind it. 30K 30 Day 30K Challenge Reviews

I suggest that you avoid these systems that claim you’ll make a lot of money in no time without putting in the work, people who make those kind of promises just want to make a quick buck at your expense. Earning a full-time income online requires you to learn, take action and stay persistent, just like all great things worth achieving.

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