Does Canary Seed Vegetable Drink Helps to lose weight?

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The enzymes present in the canary seed allow us to dissolve the accumulated fat, besides favoring the absorption of nutrients and avoiding excess liquids. Birdseed is a seed known almost exclusively as the classic bird food. Now, if you go to your nearest natural store or herbalist you will discover that they are sold from milk to cookies snacks or breads made with this natural resource.

“The birdseed has a great nutritional power and helps us to prevent obesity”.

Thanks to its natural enzymes it allows us to accelerate the metabolism to burn fat. That is why we want to tell you about this healthy remedy. We all know that miracle diets do not exist, and that to lose weight with health we need to do our part. If you take a balanced diet and introduce the birdseed drink throughout the day, you will see good results after 3 weeks.

Do you dare to try the vegetable birdseed drink?

Birdseed to Lose Weight

There are many people who see seeds of birdseed with some skepticism. How will I eat something that I give to my birds? Well, it would really be worth taking into account this information before closing the doors to these natural and beneficial options.

  • The birdseed is part of the family of grasses and is one of the most nutritious seeds.
  • It has a high level of proteins, which make it a very healthy vegetable alternative.
  • Its amino acids are stable and, unlike those present in meat, are assimilated well and do not leave toxic residues in our body.
  • You will also like to know that the birdseed seed contains 11.8% fiber. Thus, it will favor digestion and proper intestinal transit.
  • The enzymes present in the birdseed also help us to regenerate the liver and the pancreas. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power we will optimize its basic functions.

Aspects that Favor the Loss of Body fat

The birdseed contains an enzyme called lipase, whose property is to dissolve the fat accumulated in our body. It is a ferment that will stay in our digestive juices and will favor the proper decomposition and absorption of nutrients, and will then act on fatty acids. In addition to eliminating that fat that we do not need, its main benefit is also in separating the fatty acids from the food, with which, the digestions will be much lighter, we will avoid the classic liquid retention and we will gain in general health.

In addition, seeds canary seed favor other secondary processes that will promote weight loss:

  • It allows us to reduce the high level of blood glucose.
  • Regulates the cholesterol level.
  • It helps us to cure fatty liver.
  • Provides essential enzymes to the kidneys to optimize their functioning and eliminate excess fluid.
  • Canary seed seeds reduce hypertension.
  • Lipase also helps us to have more flexible arteries free of fat deposits.

What is the Diet of the Birdseed?

More than diet, we should talk about a way to feed ourselves in a healthier way. This seed improves our health in general thanks to its plant enzymes, so why not always include it in our diet?

  • The ideal is to consume canary vegetable milk. It is healthier because we remove its shell (which contains too much silica) and we keep the seed in its pure state.
  • We would have a first glass of our breakfast and then a glass before our two main meals of the day.
  • The recommended dose of canary seed is about 25 grams a day.
  • Do not forget to follow a diet low in fat, balanced and varied where there is some exercise.

How to Prepare my Own Vegetable Birdseed Drink


  • 25 g of canary seed powder
  • 3 glasses of water (600 ml)


Indicate in the first place that the most appropriate, as we have indicated before, is to consume vegetable milk of birdseed. For this we will look in the natural stores for birdseed powder already prepared for human consumption. The seed is crushed and skinless, with which, we are left with the most nutritious part of the birdseed.

  • The preparation in very simple and fast, so it stands as an ideal option for our breakfasts.
  • Simply add those 25 grams in the blender along with those 3 glasses of water. Process until the water becomes foamy and with a slight brown tone. The taste is very nice, a mix between walnut and pistachio that will suit you very well.
  • Do not forget to drink another glass 20 minutes before your main meal of the day, and 20 minutes before your dinner. If you follow a proper diet you will see how after 3 weeks you feel lighter, and you have managed to lose one size.

Do you dare to try it? It is an economical and healthy option that always brings good results. Only 25 grams a day and your health and figure will notice.

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