Dinner is the Key to Become Slim in a Healthy Way!

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Adapting our food intake to the rhythms of our body can not only help us to be physically better, it can also help us lose weight. Continuously read tips for losing weight such as: reducing calories, increase protein, making several meals throughout the day, not to abuse carbohydrates or sugars, etc. But there is a way to lose weight in a progressive and healthy way: control the dinner. In this article we explain how and why we can lose weight day after day if we have dinner in the right way.

Do not Skip Dinner if you want to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way.

We know that throughout the day our body changes its energy needs. Therefore, upon waking and after fasting during sleep, we will need a greater amount of nutrients than when we lie down. This is because as we get closer to bedtime our body slows down. This does not mean that we should not have dinner because during sleep our body continues to work in different processes that consume energy and nutrients. The reality is that skipping dinner can be associated with a bad night’s rest or feelings of physical fatigue or dizziness when waking up.

How much can we have Dinner?

The amount will vary depending on the person and their pace of life, but the important thing would be to get a good level of satiety without eating more than it should.

“A fundamental part when regulating our level of satiety would be the fact of properly chewing food”.

Since it is in the mouth where the digestion processes begin it is essential to prevent problems such as constipation chewing the food repeatedly before swallowing it. In addition, eating more slowly helps our brain to be aware of how much we have ingested and thus regulate the hormones that control our levels of hunger and satiety (ghrelin and leptin). If we manage to control how we eat we can help our body to balance and tell us when we should stop eating. Other factors such as stress or emotional problems may encourage us to eat more and make it difficult for us to lose weight. Controlling these factors depends on each person and their circumstances, but if you are determined to lose weight it is important that you consider what factors can increase your calorie intake.

Lose Weight by Choosing Satisfying Foods

The recommended for a healthy dinner are easily digestible foods such as those that are rich in vegetable protein or fruit sources of simple sugars, always avoiding the consumption of fried, saturated fats or complex sugars that can make it difficult to lose weight. If we choose foods rich in fiber that are assimilated by the body slowly such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables or cereals, we will be offering a balanced energy contribution to our body. A balanced and healthy consumption is essential when losing weight. These foods are mainly vegetables, but we will also find great help in the algae. We can incorporate algae in our diet such as wakame, agar-agar, kombu, sea spaghetti, spirulina, klamath, etc. They can be incorporated into stews or, in the case of agar-agar, to prepare satisfying and healthy desserts.

What Satisfying Dishes can we Prepare?

  • Sautéed vegetables (broccoli, carrot strips, mushrooms, corn, hard-boiled egg)
  • Cream of vegetables and oats with kombu seaweed
  • Salad with sprouted seeds, apple and avocado
  • Andalusian gazpacho
  • Hummus (chickpea puree) or guacamole with strips of carrot and cucumber
  • Soup of vegetables and quinoa
  • Spinach with raisins and pine nuts
  • Zucchini cream with wakame seaweed and curry
  • Cold salad of peas and chicken
  • Sweet agar-agar jellies with apple and cinnamon

And those who are very Hungry?

The rhythm of day to day sometimes makes it difficult for us to stick to our goals to lose weight in a healthy way, the rush and schedules can make our body suffer ups and downs and our feeling of hunger increases. This can lead us to consume fast and caloric foods. In this case we are advised to include a snack in the afternoon and advance as possible the schedule of dinners so that our body is progressively spending the calories we eat without having an intense feeling of hunger when dinner arrives.

Of course, the snack must also be healthy. We give some examples:

  • Fruit or natural juice
  • Nuts: nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.
  • Dried fruits: dates, prunes, dried apricots, etc.
  • Bread sticks
  • Fresh cheese with quince
  • Integral sandwich (which can be cheese, avocado, egg, etc.)


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Dinner is the Key to Become Slim in a Healthy Way!
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