How does Mate Diet Helps you to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way?

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Mate helps control appetite and gives us a feeling of fullness, so it can be a great complement to the diet when it comes to losing weight. The consumption of mate has spread in many parts of the world, not only for its medicinal uses, but because it is an interesting supplement to fight against overweight. Although not as popular as many other slimming plants, its preparation in infusion has become the ally of hundreds of people looking to eliminate fat. And, although it is not a “miraculous” product or similar, its inclusion in the regular diet can serve as “boost” for those who have a slow metabolism.

What makes it so special? How do you prepare? Knowing that many want to try it, in this opportunity we want to share all its properties.

What is Yerba Mate?

The yerba mate is obtained from the dried leaves of the Ilex paraguariensi s plant. It is a traditional drink from South America that has also been called “the drink of the gods”. It has a slight bitter taste, fresh grass, similar to that of green tea. In many cultures, it is served in some gourds that function as a container, which are given the same name.

Nutritional Properties

The nutrients contained in this herb are those that benefit health and weight. Although many thought that it was a simple “companion” liquid, it is actually a food of high nutritional value.

From this you can get:

  • Vitamins (A, of group B, C)
  • Minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium)
  • More than 10 essential amino acids
  • Fatty acids
  • Carotenes
  • Polyphenols
  • Tannins

How does Yerba Mate Helps to Lose Weight?

It is very important to clarify that mate diet is not as such a slimming product. However, its properties support weight loss. So it is essential to supplement your consumption with a healthy lifestyle.  Prepared in infusion can accompany breakfast, snack or a snack. Thus, throughout the day, its properties will stimulate determining functions to combat overweight.

It has Diuretic and Depurative Properties

Due to its high content of minerals and antioxidant compounds,

“Yerba mate stimulates the functioning of the kidneys and the liver to detoxify the body”.

  • These properties contribute to the process of elimination of toxins and liquids, factors that influence the slow metabolism.

Increase Energy Expenditure

Although its caloric intake is minimal, mate drink increases energy expenditure and improves physical and mental performance.

  • It is ideal to boost sports performance and increase calorie burn.

Control the Appetite

One of its most important effects to lose weight is its ability to “cheat” the stomach, prolonging the feeling of satiety.

  • Its habitual consumption decreases that anxiety that leads to eating more than it should.

How to Drink Mate to Lose Weight?

The yerba mate drink is a pre-Columbian tradition of the Guarani Indians and populations of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile. In these places there are variations of the plant, although they are from the same family. The tradition is to drink the hot infusion in a container called “mate”. However, given its size, many began preparing it at home with a basic recipe.


  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)
  • 1 tablespoon of yerba mate (15 g)


  • First, put a cup of water to heat.
  • When it is boiling, reduce the heat and add a tablespoon of yerba mate.
  • Finally, remove the drink from the heat source, let it rest for 10 minutes and strain it.

Consumption Mode

  • Eat an infusion cup during or after breakfast.
  • Consume it, at least, 3 times a week.


Yerba mate has many benefits; In spite of this, it is important to take it with caution and without falling into excesses.

  • It is not recommended for women in pregnancy or lactation.
  • It should not be ingested by people who consume alcohol or tobacco.
  • It can make diarrhea worse.
  • It can complicate the control of glucose levels. Therefore, it is not advisable for diabetics.
  • It contains caffeine, so it can cause insomnia.
  • Some of its compounds affect the absorption of iron, so it should not be taken in case of iron deficiency anemia.
  • Consumed in excessive amounts can affect the functioning of the liver.

Are you trying to lose weight? If you want to take advantage of the benefits provided by yerba mate diet, do not stop taking it following the recommendations given.



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