Simple and Natural Treatment for Herpes Zoster and Food.

It’s nice to have them around here, ready to end their herpes zoster once and for all, since you’ve made the decision or you’re in full research of the best natural treatments you can apply to eliminate this disease, then give me your attention because you I will show the tips that you will surely be interested in practicing. “There are solutions; if you resort to intense research you will find several ways to treat herpes zoster”.

NOTE: Ready to start ?, Now if I leave the information you need to practice, but before I start I will recommend additional to this, the online guide that you can use to complement, since it is much more complete.

How to Cure Shingles with Natural Treatments?

Currently, several investigations have determined the beneficial properties of some plants and elements of natural origin, as a treatment to cure various diseases. There are several natural treatments that can cure the disease of shingles in a matter of a few days. Shingles is best known in Latin America with the name “shingles”, various myths are related to this condition. In scientific terms it can be expressed as a disease caused by the chickenpox virus, which usually affects children. This virus remains dormant in our body, and over time leaves types of sequelae such as the development of the herpes zoster virus.

“This happens when the immune system is failing in relation to the capacity of immune defenses”.

It is a disease that can be treated with drugs, however, the benefits of natural treatments to cure herpes zoster and its effectiveness are currently known. The disease generates persistent pain in the affected area, this being one of the most classic symptoms of shingles. Additionally it generates a rash composed of a set of blisters that is housed in a specific place. People with this disease may also experience muscle aches, fever, general tiredness, and swollen lymph nodes and in some cases stomach upset.

Natural Treatments Against Shingles:

1. Cat’s Claw:

In botany and the development of alternative or naturopathic medicine this powerful plant is really efficient. Thanks to its healing powers it is a widely used element as a therapeutic method. In the case of shingles disease it   is beneficial to cure the disease and eliminate the outbreak of rash and blisters. This is possible thanks to its anti-inflammatory powers and its ability to fight various viral infections. It is recommended to take an infusion of cat’s claw for several days until the inflammation of the skin blisters is reduced. The only existing consideration is that women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should avoid using this infusion.

2. Melissa:

Melissa is a very popular plant, its application as a therapeutic means to cure shingles naturally is really efficient, it is in fact one of the best natural treatments to cure shingles. The reason for its effectiveness is that it contains an element called polyphenols , as the name implies, they contain phenols in abundance. Thanks to these antioxidants it is really special to treat various types of herpes. In the naturist markets you can find natural ointments based on melissa. However, an excellent alternative is to do it at home. It is convenient to apply the crushed or paste-shaped melissa on the affected skin to acquire the benefits.

Ideal Foods to Naturally Treat Shingles (Shingles)

Shingles disease is very common in adults over 60, because at that age the immune system is not so strengthened. The shingles virus is in turn produced by the chickenpox virus, a disease that has a high incidence in childhood.Once chickenpox has affected an individual, your body maintains the virus in the body, once a deficiency in the immune system is detected, the virus triggers shingles. Because of this it has been determined that there are foods that cure shingles. The disease is characterized by the appearance of a set of skin blisters that are housed in a specific place. Because of this peculiar condition on the skin, various myths have developed about the condition by calling it “shingles.” Although the appearance of blisters can cause itching and frequent pain of moderate intensity, there are other symptoms such as fever, general tiredness, stomach discomfort and others. Among the complications of the disease are problems in the organs of the digestive system, inflammation of one of the layers that make up the heart specifically of the  myocardium  in cases of greater severity including death.

1. Garlic:

Garlic is a food that can be added to the diet of the individual with shingles.  What happens is that this food is able to fight the virus and its symptoms due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, garlic is an excellent ally for patients of this type, since it has the ability to stimulate the immune system, improving immune defenses and its ability to fight the powerful virus.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables:

The type of green leafy vegetables are broccoli, lettuce, spinach and Brussels sprouts. In the case of broccoli it is one of the main foods that cure shingles. These vegetables are rich in various groups of vitamins; even some have high folic acid content so it should be consumed during pregnancy. Additionally, they have high content of various minerals and is rich in antioxidants.  This last point favors the stimulation of the immune system, since it provides protection against free radicals.

3. Lentils:

Lentils are excellent foods to favor the immune system. Consuming lentils on a regular basis can increase the production of immune defenses. This in turn allows the control and treatment of the herpes zoster virus. In addition, lentils are rich in folic acid and other vitamin groups. Its consumption is recommended since it is considered to be one of the best foods that cure shingles.

4. Oats:

Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants; thanks to this you can fight shingles naturally by stimulating the immune system. When immune defenses are stabilized and strengthened, the development of the condition does not take place. Oatmeal is very nutritious; it is one of the most recommended breakfasts by experts. Its consumption prevents and fights shingles.

Additional Considerations:

Although shingles usually lasts for one or two weeks and does not usually cause major complications, the ideal is to see a doctor during your condition. If the pain is very persistent, the specialist will proceed with antiviral and analgesic treatment and perhaps some topic to combat itching and inflammation in the skin area. Although these foods that cure shingles are really helpful, it is best to see a doctor beforehand to assess the condition of the disease.


And well, with these tips you probably already have an idea of ​​the foods that you should add to your diet to try to eliminate it, and if it seems good, here I am going to leave you the most advanced and complete online guide to give final treatment to Herpes zoster.


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